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Pasta in Sardinia: Sos Pipiriolos from Montresta

The discovery of a new dish is more valuable to mankind than the discovery of a new star

When and how does pasta arrive in Sardinia? Now, after years of research we are sure that pasta comes from the Arab world which has conquered places like Sardinia and Sicily by importing their traditions and cultures. Just think that until the Middle Ages, in the archived documents, there is no trace of the name Pasta while the Arabs have left numerous recipes in which the pasta is mentioned several times under the name of Ittria, a Latin name which means Dough of Pasta.


Aristotle, in his documents, talks about how the “people of Sardinia” marketed sardines and numerous other food products, including wheat. For the Greeks the island was happy and fertile, very well positioned strategically and for this reason it was conquered. During the Middle Ages the contribution of Arab culture in Sardinia was so strong that many words of some current dishes derive from the Arab world. Su Vilindeu, angel hair from the Latin fideos which derives from the Arabic fidash, or fur or hair. The same goes for fregola, a pasta very similar to couscous and a term invented by the French on their return from Algeria. The strong and intense tradition of pasta in Sardinia is historically to be brought back to the Arab world and for this we are grateful. Sardinia currently boasts dozens and dozens of types of handmade pasta, from the longest in the world Su Filindeu to the smallest such as Malloreddus di Bessude, however today we will talk about a kind of pasta that is made only in 2 locations in Sardinia: Montresta and Ula Tirso: Welcome to the world of Sos Pipiriolos. We are keep promoting and enhancing off-the-beaten path locations through our guided excursions. Find out more on this page


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Sos Pipiriolos is a local and unique kind of pasta Its name means Piffero, precisely because of its elongated and tubular shape. Going beyond toponymic issues, sos pipiriolos is a type of bronze drawn pasta, very porous and made using only durum wheat flour, water and salt. Pasta processing can be quite tiring since the pasta should not be soft. As a first step is necessary to prepare long cylinders with a suitable diameter to let the pasta going inside a press and to be cut when the desired length is reached. Once ready, they can be enjoyed fresh or dried, and the typical condiment is a wild pig with tomato sauce with sprinkling of Sardinian pecorino cheese.


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The pasta is made through a bronze plate, a perforated matrix with different shapes. To get our Pipiriolos, usually the plate is made by 4 holes, easy to obtain 4 Pipiriolos at a time. To get our Pipiriolos, usually the plate is made by 4 holes, easy to obtain 4 Pipiriolos at a time Each disc has to be cleaned very well and it’s possible to use it for a maximum of 500 times (more or less). After this time, it could be possible to look some imperfections and it is necessary to replace the plate.


Why do we call it bronze drawn pasta? Sos pipiriolos is rough and porous, and these elements allows it to better served with the sauce, such as wild pig and tomato. If we talk about nutrition diet, bronze-drawn pasta requires a great quality of wheat (like the Sardinian one) and usually the protein content is between 12-13% per 100 grams. Anyway, the quality of pasta is not given by the quantity of carbohydrates but by the quantity of proteins and the quality of the grain. In the case of the Pipiriolos, Senatore Cappelli wheat is used, ground with the ancient Sardinian stone millstone and the resulting semolina has irregular dimensions and a dark colour, but with a greater taste, aroma and all this leads, from a nutritional point of view, enormous benefits to our intestinal microbiota.

Are you hungry? The best way to see, touch, feel and taste Pipiriolos is through ours Gourmet Expedtion, a wonderful Cooking experience in Montresta, where this pasta is made by genration in geration.

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Botti del vino | degustazione vini ad Alghero con

The best wine tasting in Alghero

The best thing about the wine is that, for the next 2 ours, your problems are not your anymore

Are you curious to visit a local winery where thousands of bottles are produced every year according to an ancient tradition? Under the Sardinian sun, in the shade of Alghero and surrounded by vineyards and olive trees, you will find out more about the story of a local winery. This winery has been producing wine for dozens of years and this will be one of the most exciting tours focus on the Alghero’s nature, as well as wine tasting tour. After the visit, a local guide will take you near Capo Caccia, where a panoramic walk will show you amazing places, between coves, cliffs, the Mediterranean scrub, in front of the sunset.

This our Wine Tour & Photo Tournée and here you can read the benefits:


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A big chance to discover the wine processing behind the tradition, the history and some legends about this winery and all families that worked with love and passion for many years, making it one of the most popular all over Sardinia Room after room we will understand more about the process, all the wine processing phases, the quality of the land and grapes, the peculiarities and the tradition that leads this wine to be one of the best in Sardinia. Finally, in a relaxing atmosphere, you will have the best wine tasting in Alghero (3 different glasses) discovering the authentic soul of Sardinian wine.


You will know the history and the reasons why the sea is so important for this winery. You will know the history and the reasons why the sea is so important for this winery. With Akènta Sub, the Sardinian spumante aged under water. The sea is the element that most differentiates Sardinia and makes it what it is: with Akènta Sub, the island helps to create a unique spumante. A limited number of bottles of Akènta spumante wine, produced from a selection of Vermentino di Sardegna DOC grapes, are left to age at a depth of around 40 metres. Thanks to this singular underwater ageing process, l’Akènta becomes Akènta Sub Unique emotion, as Akenta SUB


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Not just a visit and a wine tasting in Alghero, our tour has many new features for you. We will move to Capo Caccia area, a few km from the winery, looking at this place and enjoying the beauty of the area. Cliffs shaped by time overhanging the sea, caves, endemic flora and fauna, fossil-rich limestones and a breathtaking panorama at sunset. The second part of the Wine tour & photo tour will be the story and the view of a high value natural heritage, between nature, history and legends.


We make tours with a mission: promote off-the-beaten path spots in Sardinia through highly emotional guided tours that will leave an imprint to the traveller’s vacation We really want to make a unique experience and for this it is important to make a good relationship with our travellers. You can also take a look at what other travelers say about our service and we currently have just over 70 reviews spread between Google, Tripadvisor and AirBnB. Take a look it.

Take a look Google page formore details. E adesso? Still thinking what to do? The best wine tasting in Alghero is waiting for you, just find out more visiting our page Wine Tour & Photo Tournèè

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| Cooking class Alghero con

Cooking Class from Alghero: A good taste experience

Where love is at home, the food is tastier

We will drive along the provincial road 105 looking at amazing viewpoints until we arrive to the “Gourmet destination”, where a family of shepherds will be waiting for us for an exciting Cooking Class.

We will take a part of it making some of typical Sardinian products such as pipiriolos, typical bread and sweets. After tasted what we have made, we will take a walk in Bosa, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy among “colorful” shots and suggestive stories.

Anyway, why should you choose us?


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We have chosen a small village, a family of shepherds who have lived and worked humbly for a lifetime, we have chosen the history and traditions that join Sardinian people: we have chosen a people to people connection and you will easily understand why this one is the most important feature of this Cooking class from Alghero.. Laughter, tales, legends and many stories will accompany us while working the pasta and sweets. It’s not finished, we will follow old recipes of Sardinian cuisine using local ingredients.


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We taste everything has been made making a unique experience. It’s feel like going back in time when grandma delighted all of us with unique dishes created with local products, with huge quantity of experience and love for local cuisine. This cooking class from Alghero is a good taste and life experience.


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Even if the Cooking class is the most important part of our tour, we didn’t limit the day just for that. Our day will be full of magic, between untouched nature of Capo Marrargiu area up to the traditions and art of Bosa, one of the most beautiful towns in Italy. Our goal will be to show you the authentic Sardinia looking at amazing viewpoints while telling you something more about nature and landscape. Your holiday in Sardinia will be more beautiful and exciting.


It is a rigorous selection process that guarantees only the best excursions and tours in Sardinia. Not just that, for us it is important to give our best and make you time an inestimable value, all of this at affordable prices. All this at affordable prices for everyone.

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We would like to make the experience unique and for this reason it is important to make a nice relationship with our customers/travellers This is just one of the reviews received recently by Serena Strinna

“Wonderful day, a dive into tradition immersed in pristine landscapes. A day with a family, with Leonarda and Damiana’s cooking class accompanied by the professionalism and cordiality of Davide who seems to be his lifelong friend. What to say! Highly recommended for adults and children who want to live a unique experience.”

You can always take a look at our Google account and get an idea of our reviews, we are extremely attentive to details and to the best result of the tour. And now? All you have to do is book your next Cooking Class from Alghero, a good taste experience.

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