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Are you curious to visit a local winery where thousands of bottles are produced every year according to an ancient tradition? Under the Sardinian sun, in the shade of Alghero and surrounded by vineyards and olive trees, you will find out more about the story of a local winery. This winery has been producing wine for dozens of years and this will be one of the most exciting tours focus on the Alghero’s nature, as well as wine tasting tour. After the visit, a local guide will take you near Capo Caccia, where a panoramic walk will show you amazing places, between coves, cliffs, the Mediterranean scrub, in front of the sunset.

This our Wine Tour & Photo Tournée and here you can read the benefits:


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A big chance to discover the wine processing behind the tradition, the history and some legends about this winery and all families that worked with love and passion for many years, making it one of the most popular all over Sardinia Room after room we will understand more about the process, all the wine processing phases, the quality of the land and grapes, the peculiarities and the tradition that leads this wine to be one of the best in Sardinia. Finally, in a relaxing atmosphere, you will have the best wine tasting in Alghero (3 different glasses) discovering the authentic soul of Sardinian wine.


You will know the history and the reasons why the sea is so important for this winery. You will know the history and the reasons why the sea is so important for this winery. With Akènta Sub, the Sardinian spumante aged under water. The sea is the element that most differentiates Sardinia and makes it what it is: with Akènta Sub, the island helps to create a unique spumante. A limited number of bottles of Akènta spumante wine, produced from a selection of Vermentino di Sardegna DOC grapes, are left to age at a depth of around 40 metres. Thanks to this singular underwater ageing process, l’Akènta becomes Akènta Sub Unique emotion, as Akenta SUB


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Not just a visit and a wine tasting in Alghero, our tour has many new features for you. We will move to Capo Caccia area, a few km from the winery, looking at this place and enjoying the beauty of the area. Cliffs shaped by time overhanging the sea, caves, endemic flora and fauna, fossil-rich limestones and a breathtaking panorama at sunset. The second part of the Wine tour & photo tour will be the story and the view of a high value natural heritage, between nature, history and legends.


We make tours with a mission: promote off-the-beaten path spots in Sardinia through highly emotional guided tours that will leave an imprint to the traveller’s vacation We really want to make a unique experience and for this it is important to make a good relationship with our travellers. You can also take a look at what other travelers say about our service and we currently have just over 70 reviews spread between Google, Tripadvisor and AirBnB. Take a look it.

Take a look Google page formore details. E adesso? Still thinking what to do? The best wine tasting in Alghero is waiting for you, just find out more visiting our page Wine Tour & Photo Tournèè

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