1. Definitions

To allow a complete understanding and acceptance of these terms and conditions, the following terms, in the singular and plural, will have the meaning indicated below:

  • Company : The DRAN Experience brand is part of Davide Fancellu’s Travel Planner Family company, with registered office in Via Emanuela Loi 16, Olmedo (SS), VAT number 02623690035 registered in the Sassari chamber of commerce on 19/05/2021.
  • Application : www.dranexperience.com
  • Products : Guided excursions in Sardinia (GAE Sardinian Region n° 839)
  • User : any person who accesses, books, makes the payment and uses the service
  • Consumer User : the natural person of legal age who purchases the guided excursion service
  • Conditions :  this contract which governs the relations between the Owner and the Users and the sale or supply of the services offered by the Travel Planner Family company of Davide Fancellu
2. Detailed information on the service offer

DRAN Experience is a Travel Planner Family brand and an excursion project organized and managed by the Environmental Guide Davide Fancellu who guides excursions along itineraries designed by him. Under this brand there are also some collaborations with other environmental hiking guides, tourist guides, accommodation and tourist services in general.

3. Environmental Hiking Guide Service

All guided excursions, with details on the website www.dranexperience.com, are aimed at everyone without any limitation but it is always important that participants understand well the characteristics and the commitment required in order to take part without difficulty for himself and for others. All the excursions take place mainly in a natural or slightly anthropized environment conducted by a regularly qualified environmental guide. They are usually daily excursions and take place in relation to naturalistic, cultural and historical themes of Sardinia.

4. Registration and booking of the Excursion

All excursions are limited and it is necessary to book and pay an advance of 30% of the total amount of the excursion. In case of “exclusive excursion” it is necessary to pay the entire fee no earlier than 2 weeks after the event.
It is possible to apply for registration by consulting the specific web page of the excursion and submitting a request from the form below, in relation to the desired day and providing name, surname, e-mail, telephone number and number of people. It is also possible to make registrations for more people but all of these must be given name, surname, email and telephone. These data are required to ensure, without a third party, the transmission of the details and information of the event to all participants and for safety reasons during the excursion. The request to participate in the excursion can also be made through the various channels made available on the web pages, such as Whatsapp at +393492855629, Facebook messenger relating to the official DRAN Experience page, Instagram from the DRAN Experience private chat and via email via the address info@dranexperience.com.

5. Confirmation and payment of the fee
In the subsequent moments in which the customer sends a request to participate, and subject to availability, he will receive via email / whatsapp the link for the payment of an advance that confirms the registration for the excursion. The advance fee of 30% of the total amount must be paid within one hour of receiving the email from the customer. Payment is accepted only by credit / debit card or through the Paypal service. Registration for the Excursions is to be considered confirmed only after payment has been made and notified by email to the subscriber. On the day of the excursion, the customer can pay the remainder in cash or credit / debit card via the SumUp portable card reader. After the excursion, the participant will receive the invoice (s) relating to the event in which he participated by e-mail. In case of “exclusive excursion” it is necessary to pay the entire fee no earlier than 2 weeks after the event.
The participation fee purchased, unless otherwise specified, includes in any case:
  • Organization and coordination of activities by the staff of Davide Fancellu’s Travel Planner Family;
  • Environmental hiking guide assistance enabled pursuant to LR 86/2016 and subsequent amendments

The participants, together with the payment of the advance of the participation fee, implicitly and automatically subscribe the following:

  • To have carefully read the detailed program of the Excursion to which they intend to register and to accept its content
  • To have adequate physical preparation for the excursion and to be in good general health
  • To have read the rules of conduct set out below and to undertake to comply with them
  • To exonerate the Guide from any liability deriving from behavior that does not respect this regulation
  • To authorize the guide to make photographs, videos or other audiovisual materials containing their images, their name and their voice during the excursions for advertising purposes on social networks (Fb, Instagram, etc …) and other channels.
6. Terms of Cancellation, Waiver and Refund
The communication of the cancellation of the excursion by the guide can take place at any time, even on the morning itself or during the excursion if, at the sole discretion of the guide, elements of danger or situations of great discomfort for the hikers arise; cancellation before the start of the excursion is communicated via email and whatsapp message or sms or otherwise only verbally.
The renunciation of the excursion by the member can be communicated to the guide via email, sms or whatsapp and depending on the case, the time and date of sending will prevail.
In case of cancellation by the guide, the following criteria will be followed for any refunds:
  1. TOTAL REFUND of the fee paid, including the costs of the Paypal service incurred at the time of registration if the guide is unable to lead the group on that date or for failure to reach the minimum number of members necessary to activate the event. If the registration fee for an excursion canceled for the aforementioned reasons had been paid, in whole or in part, with a coupon, discount code or gift voucher, the refund will be made with a new coupon or discount code.
  2. CREATION OF A COUPON valid for 1 year and the value equal to the registration fee (including the costs of the Paypal service incurred at the time of registration) if the excursion is canceled due to weather conditions that compromise the safety of hikers (orange or red alert of the regional weather service) or due to lack of practicability of the itinerary or accessibility of the walking area. For how to use the COUPON see below .

In the event of a waiver by a member, the following criteria will be followed:

  1. FULL REFUND (excluding the service costs of the Paypal portal incurred at the time of registration and any costs for reimbursement) if the renunciation is communicated at least 3 days before the date of the event (7 days before in the case of an exclusive excursion). For example, for an excursion scheduled on Saturday, a full refund will be applied for a waiver communicated by 11.59 pm on Wednesday; for a full refund to be applied for an event scheduled for Sunday, the communication must be made by 11.59 pm on Thursday.
  1. NO REFUNDS in all other cases. In any case, the communication of the renunciation is appreciated even in case of no refund.

The guide also reserves the right to modify the itinerary during the guided walk / tour if the weather conditions or the dangerous environment deem it necessary.

7. Organization of the excursion
The times and the meeting place as well as the obligations and suggestions on the equipment necessary to participate in an excursion, are confirmed and sent by e-mail to the members no later than 36 hours before the event. In any case, the reference time and meeting place are indicated on the web page relating to the excursion itself. The Environmental Hiking Guide will be able to carry out the transport service by car / minivan 9 seats from the meeting point to the starting point of the excursion as well as pick-up at the customer’s accommodation (on request). The guide reserves the right not to accept in the group people who have not registered as described above.
8. Equipment
Subscribers to an excursion are required to follow the indications on the equipment and clothing reported in the description on the event web pages. The guide (GAE) reserves the right not to accept in the group those who come with clothing that is not suitable for the excursion or does not comply with the requirements. No special equipment is required for the Tours, all you need is a pair of comfortable shoes and clothing suitable for the season and respectful of the place where you are (any places of culture, churches, museums, etc …).
9. During the excursion
In the Excursions the guide (GAE) is solely responsible for the conduct and safety of the group. GAE reserves the right to change the itinerary at any time due to adverse weather conditions or any unforeseen event that puts the safety of the participants at risk. Participants are required to strictly follow the instructions of the guide; they will not have to take personal initiatives in the choice of route, nor depart from the route indicated by the guide for any reason, nor take shortcuts either downhill or uphill unless authorized by the guide himself. Hikers are also required to behave respectfully for nature, the environment and the culture of the local people. The GAE guide is in possession of civil liability insurance by law but the participants are not covered by accident insurance. During the Tours, participants must always follow the instructions of the guide and must keep a distance that is always visible. Should they need to break away from the group or interrupt their participation in the event, they must notify the guide.
If permitted by local regulations, pets are welcome on excursions or guided tours but to preserve wildlife or other people they are required to be kept on a leash for the duration of the excursion. Please refer to the civil code as regards the liability of owners for damage to property and persons caused by the animal itself.
10. Insurance
The Environmental Guide is covered by the RC (Professional Civil Liability) policy for all risks deriving from direct or indirect liability towards third parties (customers, participants, etc.) for what should happen during the exercise of his profession.

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