Walking tour Alghero: 5 features for choosing your local guide

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There are places that you would never see if you didn’t walk.

On the opposite side of the Free walking tours, on trend right now, there are guided tours (made by a physical person) which certainly have higher prices but at the same time is “more personalized, with more quality and perhaps with more services offered”. Our suggestion is, while planning your trip to Sardinia, to define how many and which excursions to do with a guide (e.g. trekking, cooking class, boat tour, city tour, etc…). Talking about a city tour in Alghero, for example, you can choose from many professional local guides, but why and how to choose one of them? DRAN Experience has made an article for you:5 features for choosing a local guide for the your Alghero walking tour.

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When choosing a local guide you have to keep in mind that there are guides who work with large groups (low prices with minimum of 20 people), guides who work with small groups (medium/high prices and with 8-12 people) and who work as private tour. The price is also based to the human relationship that will be established: If you choose a guide who works with small groups (or exclusively) you will certainly not have a noisy group on the back and you will be able to listen to the guide’s story more closely, asking for details, really important for you and your trip. An exclusive walking tour in Alghero is an excellent choice to better understand the history and identity of the Catalan city. The first question to make yourself is: Do I want a Tailor-Made city tour in Alghero?


It is clear that following a walking tour in Alghero with 20 other people changes your walk, breaks, time to ask questions and much more. If you love taking photos, videos and immerse yourself more in the local culture, will be easy for you to choice a guide who works with small groups or even exclusively Your walking tour in Alghero will be made with details and you can walk to the city with no rush.


Why choose one person to guide me for a city tour? Easy, beucase the story he’s going to tell you. Your guide must be smiling, welcoming, professional but above all stimulating and charismatic in the story of the historical/cultural and environmental heritage of the city. Take a look the customer’s feedback on TripAdvisor, google or experiences platforms, look the quality of the website and social pages, try to understand how much this guide will satisfy your requests With dranexperience.comyou can have a walking tour in Alghero discovering local curiosities and legends.


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What are all the services offered into the walking tour in Alghero? Will there be a meeting with a local craftsman? The ticket for a museum/archaeological site? Or will there be a lunch or tasting of typical Sardinian products? These are all services that often make a difference choosing a local guide.


As a puzzle, just put all the pieces together, write the pros and cons of each guide/agency and decide which one to get your tour with. In fact, after having established the preference for the type of group (large, small, exclusive), the details of the tour, feedback from the guide and all the services offered, it will certainly be easier to make the perfect choice and enjoy your walking tour to the beautiful Catalan city of Alghero.

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