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Walking is a school of life: during a hike, as in life, there are many climbs, few plains, and the seemingly easy descents often appear much harder than the much-feared climbs

Walking trails and routes surrounded by nature, that’s what trekking is for us. Sardinia is a huge land with thousands of trails where you can admire nature in all its features and uniqueness. From the Gennargentu trails via mining trails, exploring flora and fauna from inland to the coast. Trekking in Alghero is spectacular, and there are indeed many paths that can be taken, either independently or with the help of an experienced guide.

In the Porto Conte Regional Park you will have the opportunity to discover the Mediterranean flora and fauna in different areas such as the Oasi delle Prigionette, Punta Giglio, I tre Monti, the Capo Caccia coast, and the Calich pond. You will discover even more if there is a guide with you to tell you about the area, history, legends and special features. In this article we want to tell you about our trek from Alghero, a path immersed in the wild, unexplored nature and showing splendid viewpoints: Capo Marrargiu.


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It is in this area that one of the most majestic bird species lives: the griffon vulture. The Capo Marrargiu trek (we’ll take you from Alghero to the starting point) is one of the most beautiful, yet little-known walks along a jagged stretch of coastline among volcanic rocks, coves, ravines and crystal clear water. We will be immersed in the Mediterranean bush among myrtle, mastic trees and a landscape totally different from the neighboring area. Here we will also have a chance to see the Griffon Vulture, a species that we will describe to you in all sauces, from its nature to the threat of extinction a few years ago. Besides trekking we have other wonderful excursions from Alghero, take a look
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