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to discover the treasures of Sardinia


Behind DRAN Experience , a brand linked to the parent company Travel Planner Family , is me: Davide Fancellu . After graduating in environmental sciences, I increased my skills, obtaining licenses and certificates, through professional courses related to both the digital tourism field and that of guided excursions (Environmental Hiking Guide Course). Not only skills and certificates but also a decade of experience in the world of tourism.

All this was born from the passions , such as the one for travel that led me and my wife, now an integral part of the Team Travel Planner Family, to explore 42 states in the world .

For me, traveling also means discovering a place 20 minutes from home, not just 3000 km away. Travels have defined me and made me understand how important simplicity is.

The semplicity, like that of Sardinia. I studied and analyzed the incredible potential of my island, a magical land that I would like you to discover with our guided excursions in its most hidden pearls and indissoluble bonds that are created with the local people, with traditions, with the atmosphere, with nature. Discover the story of Travel Planner Family and it will be easier for you to get an idea about our company.


DRAN Experience is committed to those who want to discover the wonders of Sardinia , those that are rarely shown and therefore more characteristic and exclusive . Our company philosophy is based on conscious and sustainable tourism, sometimes it takes very little to be in contact with the natural and cultural beauty of a territory.


Our excursions are conceived with respect for the environment and for the local people , which is why we support low environmental impact activities and thematic itineraries concerning Slow Tourism, sports activities, relaxation, culture and food and wine. We are inspired by the knowledge and love of our land, our activities and routes are in the sign of accessibility and suitable for all types of travelers. Everyone is welcome here.

Why choose us


We are strong supporters of alternative destinations and experiences by emphasizing the emotional value of the tour


For us, respect and enhancement of the environment and the Sardinian people represent fundamental ethical principles


We want to tell the territory and our adventures in the 3 main languages: Italian, English and Spanish.

without barriers

Our guided excursions are suitable for everyone in the name of accessibility and inclusiveness

Our Partners

For us it is essential to forge partnerships with companies, and individuals, in the local area. These are some of our professional partners including B & Bs, holiday homes, farmhouses but also tourist guides and companies that do our same job. We create a network to make the holiday of those who rely on us unique


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