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Sardinia: a magnificent land hard to forget, from nature to food via art, history and culture.

On this page we thought we would recommend what to do in Sardinia, especially in the Alghero area, a city connected to the rest of Europe by an international airport and with a marina about 30 km away, it therefore represents a perfect Hub for your island vacation.

Attractions and guided excursions in Alghero are definitely the best things to do in Sardinia, for a vacation full of excitement and connection with the local people and nature. So let’s take a look at the advice from DRAN Experience:


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Neptune’s caves are a spectacular natural monument present in Alghero and definitely a must-see in the area. You can visit it either by sea (taking a boat that leaves from Alghero) or by land (I recommend DRAN Experience). If you decide to visit the cave by land you will have to walk 654 steps through the Escala del cabirol (Catalan for roe deer staircase). It is definitely a must-do in Sardinia if you plan to admire a unique view along the coast, learn more about the geology and nature of one of Sardinia’s most beautiful locations, and maybe keep fit with some physical activity.

Down the steps you will arrive at Neptune’s Cave, one of the most beautiful and largest sea cavities in the Mediterranean with a formation that dates back about two million years. You will be able to visit about 250 meters of cave (although it is several kilometers long) in an exciting salt vision with karst formations such as stalactites, stalagmites, and columns but also a white sand beach and an underground lake. What to do in Sardinia? We recommend it to you!

  • Type and location: Guided tour inside the cave upon payment of a ticket, Alghero
  • Cost: € 14.00 per person, reduction for younger children, open year-round (weather dependent)
  • What’s included: Neptune’s cave ticket with guided tour

All you have to do is visit the official website and book your ticket.

Book the "Ticket for the Caves of Neptune"


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The second-largest island in the Mediterranean can also be vocal about food, but are you ready to get involved as well? One of the things to do in Sardinia is definitely to “get your hands dirty” in an overwhelming and exciting Cooking Class. On this tour you will travel near the beautiful village of Bosa where a family of shepherds will be waiting for you to try your hand at preparing some of Sardinia’s traditional culinary dishes including pasta and desserts. Tales and legends will accompany you throughout the day, in a family environment in contact with the local people and their traditions.

  • Cost from: € 130.00 per person (All-day tour) – March to May and October to December
  • What’s included: Transportation, multilingual guide, cooking class with a shepherd family, rich tasting, nature walk and visit to authentic villages

What to do in Sardinia? Definitely this life experience. Book Now

Book the "Cooking Experience in a small village"


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Sardinia is a very ancient land with a history that links this land to man as far back as 450,000 years with the first indirect findings. On the island, among the seven thousand archaeological sites there is one in particular that deserves to be discovered and experienced as one of the most fascinating things to do in Sardinia, located exactly at Olmedo. This archaeological site constitutes one of the most outstanding examples of pre-Nuragic fortified settlements dated to the Copper Age (2500-2200 BC). Consider that it is set on a plateau over 150 meters above sea level and is protected by an enclosure-tower, a long and extraordinary wall enclosing a group of rectangular huts, separating them from a sacred area with menhirs and megalithic circle. It is currently not run by any association, so admission is free to anyone who wants to visit. This is an opportunity to discover lesser-known Sardinia.

Location Mount Baranta


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As we anticipated earlier, food and wine in Sardinia plays an important role, what to do and taste on the island? You can find out through this relaxing and enjoyable excursionin the Alghero area, with a trip to a local winery where you will discover the stages of the wine production cycle all the way to the tasting room. Small walk right after the wine tour, where your photography skills will be put to the test in one of Sardinia’s most beautiful locations…at sunset. You will be welcome at Capo Caccia: an invaluable natural heritage, enhanced by the fossil-rich limestones and rare plants that grow in this environment.

  • Cost from:
    $65.00 per person (5 hours) – March to November
  • What’s included: Transportation, multilingual guide, Wine tour to winery, tasting of 3 glasses of wine and typical Sardinian products, nature and sunset walk

Relaxation, food and wine, nature and beautiful photos. Reserve your place

Book This Tour


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Sardinia boasts an extraordinary mining tradition, and among the things to do during your vacation and discover its most distinctive sites and aspects. Consider that the Argentiera site was among the first Sardinian deposits to be exploited even in Judicial times (c. 1100), later becoming among the most important in the area only around 1800 due to the vast silver deposits in the area. Today, you can also visit this beautiful open-air mining museum in augmented reality, a meeting of tradition and innovation through an exhibition, revolutionary and fascinating path that is sure to engage you emotionally.

Currently the visit to the (open-air) museum has no admission charge, find out more. Here the location

Location Argentiera Mine


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Alghero is famous for its prized coral, used locally with gold to make all sorts of ornaments, and this tour is definitely one of the activities to put on the special “What to do in Sardinia” bucket list. You will start with a visit to the only live red coral aquarium in Europe (Read the article in La Repubblica). and then see how a local craftsman works the coral into a work of art. To walk through the narrow streets of Alghero is to discover the soul of a town that shows its Catalan character everywhere.

  • Cost from: €80.00 per person (5 hours) – March to May and October to December
  • What’s included: Multilingual guide, visit to red coral aquarium and class from local artisan, walking tour to old town, tasting of typical Sardinian products on the beach.

If you are interested in local culture and tradition, this tour is perfect: Cost and availability in this link

Book this tour


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Still undecided on what to do and see in Sardinia? Explore Monte Doglia and the historical heritage enriched by an extraordinary view of the bay of Porto Conte. From 1930 to the early 1940s Sardinia underwent intensive fortification of the coast and the near hinterland aimed at hindering the landing of possible enemies. Even the territory of Alghero has not been excluded, and hundreds of masonry artifacts can be identified that bear witness to this historical period, such as that of Monte Doglia.

You can walk along a trail among military forts and natural and geological features of enormous interest. No fees to pay, no entrance fees-this area is free for anyone who wants to discover lesser-known areas, so what are you waiting for? Prepare yourself by reading description and information of Mount Doglia fortifications, download the brochure here.

Monte Doglia fortifications brochure


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For those who love the outdoors and trekking, in the Bosa area you will find yourself immersed in unspoiled nature among beautiful coves, Mediterranean scrub and species living under protection. It’s a tour that starts from Alghero, and after about 40 minutes by car (included) you will arrive at the starting point of the Bernardu Trail, which walks the route traced by shepherds and animals. What to do in Sardinia will surely find an answer on this wonderful day among wild, natural landscapes accompanied by snorkeling routes (weather permitting) and delights of typical Sardinian products. The unique panorama of Alghero and Capo Caccia in the distance.

  • Cost from: €80.00 per person (5 hours) – March to May and October to December
  • What’s included: Transportation, Multilingual guide, tasting of typical Sardinian products

Book now
this excursion and experience the magnificent nature of Sardinia

Book Hike Bernardu's Path


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Going to the beach on vacation but not fully experiencing it, this is one of the common problems. We know very well how to make you experience one of the most exciting excursions and thus have a clear idea of what to do in Sardinia. On this wonderful tour you will take snorkeling routes (weather dependent) together with the environmental guide who specializes in marine biology, exploring and then learning about the marine environment among fish, starfish, plants and many other species. Definitely high on the list of things to do in Sardinia during one’s vacation.

  • Cost from: €80.00 per person (7 hours) – June to September
  • What’s included: Transportation, multilingual guide and marine biologist, light lunch at the beach

What are you waiting for, take a look at the details and book this Sardinia excursion.

Book Wild Beaches & Snorkeling Tour


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Activities, flora, fauna, scents and viewpoints, these are the main reasons to rent a bicycle and ride inside the Prigionette Nature Oasis near Alghero. We recommend that you call at least 24 hours and at the entrance you will have a series of nature trails to follow by bike but also on foot or by electric vehicles. All trails vary in length and difficulty with the possibility of spotting deer, donkeys and wild horses, as well as birdwatching for griffon vultures and other species of important wildlife value. Are you a family? Wonderful, there is a picnic area at your disposal and the availability of children’s play area. It’s definitely a must-see attraction in Sardinia, ready to get active?

  • Entrance fee: € 4.00 per person, reduction for younger children, open year-round (weather dependent)
  • What’s included: Entrance ticket to the natural oasis Le Prigionette

What are you waiting for, take a look at the details and visit this beautiful location

Details Natural Oasis Le Prigionette


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