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Online experiences: Plan your trip to Sardinia

Man will always use his most advanced technology for entertainment.

Have you ever heard about Neverending Tourism? This expression means a chance to extend a tourist experience in time and space, before and after the trip, using digital technology. It’s a virtual, online experiences and an approach based on a long-lasting bond with the land and local communities.

It is clear that this new market trend began during the pandemic period when the restrictions also changed consumer habits. They are the ones who have begun to devote more time to all the tourist content that can be used digitally. An example are the museum virtual tours, online cooking/yoga courses, but also online meetings with a local expert planning your trip around the world. (AirBnB is the first platform to make this kind of online experiences)

Online experiences are increasing more and more, especially in the USA where many new companies based their business model on this, just virtual experiences. DRAN Experience is the first company i primi to bring an online experiences about Sardinia, and as a local expert I will help you planning your trip to the island, answering all your questions.

Let’s go into the details: what can I offer you? Why choose this service? Take a look at the video and then read all the benefits:


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You’ve probably already booked your flight to Sardinia and it’s time for everything to move uphill. In which area to look for for sleeping? What can I do and see on the island? Where can I eat typical food? These are the most frequent questions that a traveler asks himself before going to Sardinia. The web is huge, misleading and with thousands of “copy and paste” contents. I am Travel Designer and local expert, we will meet together in a web call and I will answer all your questions helping you to create a travel itinerary based to your needs.

I’ll be your local friend and do you know that I’ve directly visited all the places that I will suggest for you? From hidden beaches to trattorias with typical food, that’s why I know exactly what to recommend. No surprises, except those that will make you fall in love with Sardinia.


If you like to discover off the beaten path spots, but more authentic, and get suggestions on accommodation and exclusive experiences full of emotions, think about me as an ideal partner. A 30-minutes web call and online experience that will be the most important part while planning your next trip These are just some of the questions I will answer:

  1. Best time to visit the island?
  2. How long to stay?
  3. How to get around and what to visit?
  4. How much does a holiday in Sardinia cost, on average?

You can understand that all of this make your life easier and you will save time, stress and money planning your trip to Sardinia.


Just tell me what you have in mind, we will work together to shape a unique journey that you will truly enjoy. It will be an amazing online experience, an innovative and digital service through skills, reliability and assistance that will be available for you to discover the best Sardinia you can imagine. I look the details and as local expert I will tell you where to go, which hidden gems to visit, where to eat typical food, in which area to stay… tailored for you.


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This beautiful island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea and it’s popular for its beaches and sea (among the most beautiful in the world) but there are many hidden locations from the millenary history of megalithic sites to the beauty of art and tradition, passing through the untouched nature and great typical food (Sardinia is one of the 5 blue zone location in the world).

I have lots of ideas for you, whether it’s a trip for family, couple, friends, honeymoon or business and Sardinia is just waiting to be explored by you.


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Need an even more detailed itinerary? Just think that Travel Planner Family (company owner of DRAN Experience) has been doing this exclusively job since 2020, making digital itineraries easy to be followed by customer’s mobile phone On google you will be able to see dozens of feedback from enthusiastic customers who have followed our advice and travelled around the most characteristic Sardinia.

The online experience keep going even after the trip. I will be available (free of charge) if you need additional information (and you will). For example, have you tasted food and wine products and would you like to buy them online? Can’t remember the name of some locations? Or would you have a contact of a local craftsman you met during the trip? I am giving to you a big chance to “travel” even while staying at home, making even more solid your relationship with Sardinia and local people.

What are you waiting for? Write some questions and you idea of Sardinia, choose a date and book this online experience with me, local expert.

Book this online experience with me, a Travel Planner